Apr 17, 2008

Money Secret

This is a big secret on making money for you. Money is Luck. So if you have luck, for sure you will make money. And if you have money luck, definitely you will be rich and wealthy like Bill Gates or Warren Buffet. But there is a secret that many people don't know - "How to find the right mechanism and to maximise the potential in making money?"

Maybe you are under money luck right now, but you are doing the wrong business therefore you are not using your true potential.

Money can be made not just when you have money luck but from other luck as well.

Money can come from:-

1. Relationship
2. Support/Knowledge
3. Skills
4. Job/Career/Husband (for woman)
5. Business

Secret Questions
The first thing you need to know is what element are you?
Are you metal, water, wood, fire or earth person?
Is the element weak or strong?
What are your lucky elements?

You can find your luck from Geomancy.net. The master will tell you what is your element, is it weak or strong and your lucky period. This information is free, therefore he won't tell you how you can make money, unless you pay him, which is quite expensive. (Don't forget to print the free report)

Here, I will tell you the secret. Once you know the main details about yourself, you will have an idea from this article and the answer to the big questions - Will I be rich? Or how can I make money?

I'm sure by now, you know what your lucky elements are through Geomancy Report.

The Secrets
Ok, for weak person you can only make money from two things
1. Relationship
2. Support/Knowledge

For strong element, you can make money from three things
1. Job/Husband (for woman)
2. Skills
3. Business

If you don't have lucky period right now, you have no choice but to make money by working and getting the fixed salary. You can also do business but it will follow the seasons, most of the time it's bad and only once a while it will be good. So you need to have a job and do the business part-time.

But which job will give you the best in terms of money? And which part-time business is suitable for you and bring money?

If you have lucky period now, then it's a good time to do business. But what kind of business?

Don't worry, I will reveal to you the secret for both who have luck and who don't have luck because all of you can make money, it's just the quantity that will be different for you.

Here is an example for Strong Person (Earth)
Your Skills is Metal
Your Job is Wood
Your Business is Water

Let's say you have Wood Luck right now (as referred by Geomancy Report). Therefore you are under Good Luck for Job/Career. You will have good money in a high job position as you get pomotion easily during this period. It is also good to do a business based on Water such as Advertising, Art, Communication, Drinks etc. And for woman, you will have a husband who is really powerful in his job.

If you have Metal Luck, then your skills in metal business is giving you money and the potential is higher if you have Metal Stem or Water Stem in your birthchart or in luck pillar.

And what if you have Water Luck right now? It's your time to do a full-time business and become rich, because Water for Earth person is Wealth.

But which business will give the most potential in terms of real wealth?
The answer is - You can do Water Business but you must have Water in Stem (either in Luck Pillar or Birth Chart).

What if you don't have the Water stem?
Then find Wood instead in the stem and do Wood Business.

What if you don't have both?
Then you won't have the real wealth, just rich (maybe a few hundred thousands in savings)...which is still ok. Right?

But what if you have Fire or Earth or No Luck?
In that case, you need to work in Wood Industry but your job must relate to Fire or Earth, in order to get the best result in terms of promotion.

For example, Sales Manager in Electronics company (Wood Industry + Fire Luck), or Human Resource Manager in a Hospital (Wood industry + Earth Luck).

You can do a part-time business in Water industry, provided that WOOD is available in your Birth Chart (Refer your birthchart in Geomancy). Or you can do business when Water comes in the year. Year 2008 is Rat - there is water this year so you can do a part-time business and make some money.

Note: Stem is the element above the animal. The animals which is called Branch also have hidden element (See the element for animals below).

For other Strong Persons who have NO LUCK, you too can do a part-time business - with this condition:-

Metal Person - Do Wood Business which is related to Fire
i.e Travel Business & Marketing
Water Person - Do Fire Business which is related to Earth
i.e Fashion Business & Clothing
Wood Person - Do Earth Business which is related to Metal
i.e Real Estate Business & Financing
Fire Person - Do Metal Business which is related to Water
i.e Entertainment Business & Music
Earth Person - Do Water Business which is related to Wood
i.e Computer Business & New Technology

Now, the secret for Weak Person. If you are a Weak Wood person, therefore your lucky elements are water and wood (Support and Relationship). Although the money chi should be Earth for Wood person, it won't give you money because you are weak. But Earth must appear in your birthchart so the potential to make money is higher when you have luck.

So how's the money come from Support or Relationship?
Support means money comes from your supporters (whoever they are) or from your own knowledge on certain subjects.
While relationship means, money comes from your friends and relatives. You find all your friends and relatives will help you in your business and the best thing is to do a joint-venture in business.

So what if you don't have luck? Weak person can do a part-time business in industry related to support or relationship element to make money. It is also applied to job.

Wood Person - Business related to Water or Wood
Fire Person - Business related to Wood or Fire
Earth Person - Business related to Fire or Earth
Metal Person - Business related to Earth or Metal
Water Person - Business related to Metal or Water

Element Industry

Water - Advertising, Art, Brewing, Communication, Computer, Drinks, Healing, Laundry, Literature, Manufacturing, Media, Music, Therapy

Wood - Cafe, Carpentry, Distribution, Engineering, Electronics, Filming, Growth, Hospital, Internet, New Technology, Paper, Plants, Restaurant, Transport, Training, Teaching, Travel

Fire - Chemical process, Fashion, Housewife, Prosecuter, Livestock, Marketing, Sales, Oil, Public Relations

Earth - Building Management, Customer Relation, Civil Engineering, Construction, Clothing, Estate Agent, Farming, Food Industry, Games, Pottery, Recruitment, Sports

Metal - Accountancy, Banking, Coins, Entertainment, Finance, Hardware, Investment, Jewelry, Loans, Management Consultant, Mechanical Engineering, Money, Perfume, Politics, Railway

Element in the 12 Animals
Pig - Water
Rat - Water
Ox - Earth
Tiger - Wood
Rabbit - Wood
Dragon - Earth
Snake - Fire
Horse - Fire
Goat - Earth
Monkey - Metal
Rooster - Metal
Dog - Earth

Tips on Making Money From Internet
Internet is Wood Industry because it represents growth and new technology. So this industry good for Weak Wood Person, Strong Metal Person, Strong Earth Person and Strong Water Person.

Many people make money from internet but the different is the percentage they received? Most people are making money from Affiliate Marketing, Advertising and Publishing. These are Fire, Water and Wood elements. So for those who have lucky elements in this category, for sure can make money from internet.

Many of you just make few bucks from Google Adsense - Why? Because it's just not for you. You need to find the real mechanism of making money which is just right and only for you. Try figure it out from this article. And may LUCK be with you always!

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